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For more than a decade Revival Stone Specialties has had a proven track record of providing top quality floor restoration solutions for Natural Stone and Concrete.

We provide recommendations and solutions for exterior/interior surface preservation and restoration with the ultimate goal of delivering exceptional results. We have defined what custom specialty floor restoration services should be – by being attentive and respectful of our customer’s demands and requirements and adhering to the principle of doing it right the first time.

We keep abreast with technology trends and always assure our clients that we are well equipped, committed, and utilize the most advanced and up-to- date technology. Our knowledge and experience will ensure that our clients are given dependable and reliable long term stone floor solutions. We cater to larger and smaller projects and offer restoration solutions for floors, counter tops, walls, or steps. Whether it is marble, granite, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, polyagglomerate, tile, or concrete we restore them all. Granite has been our specialty.

Get a free on site evaluation now. Our team & staff are always available to visit your premises, evaluate your project, educate you on the various options, and design a proper cost effective solution.

Floor Restoration Services

Reviving Your Floors Elegance with Floor Polishing Services

Here, at Revival Stone we recognize the significance of your home or business floors that bear the marks of time and usage narrating the tales of every footstep taken on them. Despite being resilient floors may lose their shine over time and necessitate expert attention to bring back their splendor. Our services focus on revitalizing stone, tile, hardwood and concrete floors to restore them to their condition.

With a wealth of experience behind us our skilled team utilizes cutting edge techniques and eco friendly products to ensure that your floors not look stunning but also promote sustainability. From fixing scratches and marks to addressing damage caused by water or impacts we tailor our methods to cater to each floors unique requirements delivering outcomes that not only meet but surpass your expectations.


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Our aim is to guide you step by step, cognizant of the fact that you have a right to be picky. Our goal is to find a proper solution that fulfills your requirement to your satisfaction. Large or small, we treat all projects with the same level or concern. Simple or custom we are here to assist, build a trusting relationship and work together to do it right the first time. We want your experience to be pleasant. Stone restoration is an art much like painting a picture.

Here at Revival Stone Specialties our focus is you, the customer. We always believe in the principle of doing it right the first time. Communication is a key factor in understanding what our customer wants. We are always respectful of our customer’s wishes and willing to take time to listen and educate our customers to understand the best options to satisfy their requirements. What we guarantee are results with quality services at a reasonable cost.

It is our job to make sure all your requirements are met. We understand that every project is different. We are willing to visit your premises free of charge to evaluate your requirements, educate you on the various options and provide you with a cost effective solution to your restoration needs.

The best way for us to demonstrate quality is with our onsite samples. An onsite sample is a demonstration which will help you understand the steps and requirements to achieve desired results. Our onsite samples will give you the benefit of knowing that not only will your expectations be met, but that you have a wide range of options to choose from.

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What Our Clients Say

To Whom this may Concern,
My name is Joseph Poletti and I am a property manager of T.S.C.C 1996 (St. Gabriel Village). I am writing this testimonial to acknowledge the great work and service of Revival Stone and all of their contributors to my community. Carmelo and his crew have been our marble floor restoration supplier for over 3 years now and have completed the the ground floor levels, elevators floors and also in-suite restoration without a single complaint for the residents. Aside from their work, the team is very knowledgeable and committed to the utmost service, which is great when dealing with higher end condominiums like ours. Their prices are extremely competitive and they give incentives that could not be matched by any other restoration company in the market. I would highly recommend Revival Stone Specialties for any type of natural stone restoration work in-suite or common areas without hesitation.

Joseph Poletti
Property Manager

To Whom it may Concern
Carmelo and his crew at Revival Stone have been our go to company for over 7 years when dealing with any issue related to natural stone and tile. The team at revival stone has carried out a variety of projects and are indeed experienced professionals. From start to finish they deliver the highest quality of service and produce an extraordinary finished product in a timely manner within budget. Their attention to detail, to quality control, and to scheduling have all contributed to a positive experience. Not only will we continue to use their service but also highly recommend Revival Stone for any of your restoration needs.

Mark Virgilio

To Whom it may Concern
Revival Stone has been providing their services to our Toronto Athletics Club for over 3 years. Revival stone’s proactive attention to quality, schedule, budget and safety is commendable. The team’s ability to understand what we wanted and needed, and then apply their knowledge and experience to provide solutions has enabled us to maximize our available budget.” They are punctual and flexible with their hours when we need to schedule projects in at specific times throughout the year. I am continually impressed with the professionalism and cooperation put forth by carmelo and his team at revival stone.

Lito Aquino
Property Manager

To Whom it may Concern,
Dear Sir or Madam
I am pleased to recommend Gino Paez and Revival Stone Specialties for your natural stone and hard surface maintenance, repairs and replacement.
Gino and his team of quality tilers installed a variegated porcelain tile on the twenty elevator lobby floors in the condominium high-rise building that I managed in 2012, and did an excellent job on every floor. They also repaired and polished the travertine marble tiles on several other floors to make them look like new again. It was clear throughout the project that attention to detail was very important to Gino and his crew. They left each floor that they were working on clean and neat at the end of each work day, with all required safety precautions in place. It was necessary to do some of the work in the main elevator lobby areas late at night to minimize disruption to our residents, and Gino accommodated our requirements and schedule in this regard as well. In comparison to other quotations received their pricing was excellent.
I would not hesitate to recommend Gino Paez and Revival Stone Specialties for your serious consideration.
If i may be of any further assistance, please contact the Management Office at (416) 222-7599, or at

Mike Wychara
RCM Property Manager

To Whom it may concern,
For more than 7 years Gino and his crew have been restoring and resolving all of our issues related to Marble and Tile installation. Being one of the largest Tile installers in Canada we are always faced with repair, Revival Stone specialties workmanship and dedication in helping us fix all related issues in a prompt time frame has helped us through out the years. I would highly recommend Gino and his crew to anybody looking for this type of service.

Luciano Cretaro

To Whom It May Concern:
The quality of work presented by Revival Stone Specialists was most impressive. YRCC # 769 and YRCC # 834 was pleased with both the professionalism of the workers and the final result of the marble restoration of our lobbies and elevator. We would highly recommend to anyone interested in having their floors done by Revival Stone to do so, as we will certainly be welcoming them back to maintain and continue working on our lobby floors and elevators in the future.

Dawn Miles
Property Manager

"To Whom It May Concern:
The quality of work displayed by Carmelo and Revival Stone Specialties was most impressive. T.S.C.C 2017 was pleased with the professionalism displayed while restoring the main lobby and elevators. Revaval Stone had great communication with staff and residents. I would highly recommend Carmelo and his crew for any restoration project as they clearly produce high quality services when dealing with natural stone.

Moses Siele
Condominium Manager

"To Whom It May Concern:
As a of their high quality work, service and professionalism, we are pleased to recommend Revival Stone Specialties for any type of natural stone repairs and refinishing.
We manage two corporations by Del Property Management Inc., both just over twenty years with marble finished lobbies and elevators. Revival Stone provided the Board of Directors with a free onsite sample which included repairs, resurfacing and polishing to one of our elevators. The end results of the elevator floor was unbelievable. Once the lobbies were completed, residents were ecstatic at the results achieved and requested to have the marble in their suites restored as well.
As our community demographic is mainly seniors, the staff with Reviaval Stone Specialties was extremely accommodating and patied. We were so happy with their work, we have continued with an on-going maintenance program to the lobbies and elevators restores and polished once a year to maintain the gorgeous look.
It has been a pleasure to work with Carmello Collura and his crew and will not hesitate to recommend and work with them again.

Julia Sullivan
RCM Property Manager