“I paid a fortune for this floor but how come it doesn’t look right? I moved into this new home and I’m wondering – can something be done to fix the marble floor with all its scratches and discoloration? Somebody told me this cleaner can add a shiny new finish to my floor but after sometime it looks ruined. Who can I talk to?”

Whatever the situation is, you can be rest assured that there are common factors on why your natural surface or tiles will look dirty, dull, stained and discolored. The tile you chose may look gorgeous in the showroom but after some time it will lose its luster, turn dirty and hazy which will make you wonder if you got the value of the money you spent for the product.

n this present economy you will be lucky if the sales person you bought your tiles from will go the extra mile of educating you with the right steps in maintaining natural surfaces. Marble surfaces are not hard to maintain. The problem is the lack of guidance and education on the proper procedures and practices. The first step is recognizing and rectifying imperfections on new stone surfaces like factory scratching, construction debris, uneven installation, surface etching or dirty grout lines. Understanding that there is a problem and not neglecting it is always the first step in the process of prolonging natural surfaces. In some cases a simple deep clean with proper cleaning agents may do the trick. It becomes obvious that restoration is needed when marble starts losing its luster or surfaces become dirty and impossible to clean. Whether it’s a beautiful custom home you see yourself living in years to come or a home you are selling, our job is to get you best return on your investment. Old or new, neglected or not, ask a professional for advice. We are always willing to help our customers. Our staff will recommend the proper maintenance or restoration procedures to help you gain the most value in your investment.

Specialty Restoration Solutions :

Revival Stone specialties comprehensively addresses all you restoration needs for variety of surfaces – marble, granite, limestone, travertine, terrazzo, polyagglomerate, tile, or concrete we restore them all. Granite is our specialty.