Grout Cleaning and Rejuvenation

Our grout cleaning process restores the appearance of the grout lines between each tile. Over time grout can become dirty with mildew which may be difficult to clean. Mold can thrive in environments such as shower stalls and washrooms that have low ventilation. Our cleaning process includes a 2 step chemical treatment that is used in conjuction with an angled bristle grout brush that will help lift mold and dirt from within the grout joints. Some chemicals used during the process are anti mold, anti fungal and periodic intensive cleaners. We advise that the caulking surrounding the shower floor surround and caulking in verticle corners be removed and re installed during this step.

Our grout rejuvenation process consists of an addictional product that can be applied to the grouts surface after the deep cleaning in completed. This process can restore the grouts color and appearance and will help prevent furture staining and mildew buildup. As an added bonus, there are several colors to choose from when applying the epoxy colorant to the grout.

Before and After