Surface Protection Film

Our natural stone protective films are a proprientary natural stone laminate designed to make the surface of your stone 100% etch and stain proof. We use a 4 mil clear polyester product that adheres to your stones surface and is specifically designed for countertop and backsplash applications. These films give home owners and designers the opportunity to use a more delication and porous stone selection in kitchen and bars areas without the worry of etching, discoloring or staining.

  • Our product is available in matt (honed) and gloss (high sheen ) finishes.
  • Our product is installed in 1 working day with a 24 hr return visit for a final inspection and quality control.
  • Our product is liquid impermeable, heat resistant up to 390 degrees and is UV stable.
  • Our product allows you to perform daily cleaning with mild PH7 cleaning products. Concentrated cleaning solutions are no londer needed to keep your surfaces dirt free.
  • Our product protects the natural stones surface from wear and tear.
  • Our product protects your natural stone surfaces from acids, oils, and harsh household chemicals that would normally cause etching, ring marks and staining.
  • Our product can be applied to newer stones surfaces as well as older stone surfaces.

For more information please contact Revival Stone directly to discuss the advantages of having the protection film applied to your surface.