Surface Protection

Marble and other calcite based stones, such, as limestone and travertine can be damaged by substances like juices, cola, wine or alcohol. When these stones come into contact with solutions they may become ‘etched’ or corroded. It’s important to clean up any spills to preserve the appearance and longevity of marble.

Impregnating sealers are suitable for all outdoor marble surfaces. They can be used on kitchen countertops, marble flooring tiles or wall coverings. A professional grade penetrating sealer will not change the color or texture of your material in any way. If you have stone that sees use its generally recommended to seal the surfaces, at least once a year.


Stone Sealing

Why Opt for Revival Stones Stone Sealing Services?

Expert Shielding; Our stone sealing treatments create a barrier that repels water, oil and dirt preventing stains and damage that could mar your stones natural allure.
Customized Care; We acknowledge the uniqueness of each stone surface. That’s why we provide personalized sealing solutions tailored to meet your stones requirements for protection.
Environmentally Conscious Approach; Committed to both sustainability and your well being we use eco non toxic sealants that effectively shield your stones while prioritizing safety.

Secure Your Stones Future with Revival Stone

By investing in our stone sealing services at Revival Stone you are ensuring top tier protection for your surfaces. Our skilled team is devoted to delivering sealing treatments that improve the resilience and aesthetics of your stones making them resistant, to spills, stains and scratches.

Get in touch with us now to protect your stone surfaces with our expert sealing services and rest assured that your valuable assets are secure.